Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism Digital Strategy - Multi-website Design - SilverStripe CMS

Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism (GORRT) is an organisation that was established to take a holistic approach in leading of the development, marketing, advocacy and management of tourism for the Great Ocean Road region, from Torquay to the South Australian border. As part of their current digital presence, there existed a website for the region as a whole and also two for specific destinations - the 12 Apostles and The Otways. GORRT engaged Bliss to provide strategic digital direction for the organisation and in-turn refresh and build upon their collection of websites to include further destinations such as Anglesea, Torquay and Warnnambool.

Nothing promotes a location better than photography. The above idiom guided the principle that the heroes of the websites needed to be the imagery of the region. By bringing in stunning photography and ensuring it was placed front and centre, audiences would be engaged and words almost unnecessary!

The development effort involved to build a separate destination website for many of the locations in the region would have been too prohibitive. A solution was required whereby each of the sites shares the same underlying code, yet would be able to portray its own unique identity and personality. Bliss Media developed a solution where combined with their own branding and imagery, customisable content blocks allow each of the region sites to have its own subtly different layout and feel. Having an all-encompassing template also provides a single, unified navigation system across the region's sites, reducing the amount of learning required by people viewing more than one of the sites.

Through integration with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW), information on the website was able to be automatically populated without manual entry by GORRT staff. This not only cut down administration time, but ensured that much of the information displayed on the website was always the most up-to-date. On top of this automated information, GORRT staff are able to add their own customised content to complement the data from the ATDW.

Through the development of a set of destination sites with a common navigation and layout, Bliss Media has delivered a common-unified online identity for Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism. A rejuvenated website design that brings the magnificent scenery of the region to the forefront of users excites the tourist’s imagination and piques the interest of both first time visitors to the region and long time residents alike.


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